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Christina + Chris | A Charming Southern Wedding and A Story About Giving

Well here we are in 2012! I made it through 2011 and I have a lot to be grateful for. This wedding is EXTRA special to me so excuse the excessive amount of images in this particular post. Why is this wedding EXTRA special? Well you’ll see from the images below, but there is a whole list of reasons why this particular wedding was EXTRA SPECIAL!

Ok here goes, I’ll try to keep this short…

Back in January of 2011, a friend approached me about donating a few prints to Georgia State University College of Law Public Interest Auction.  I agreed but I didn’t have the slightest idea which pieces I would print to donate to the auction. So after a few nights of sleeping on it I came up with the next best thing. Why not donate an entire wedding package to a lucky couple (Christina and Chris).  I put together a short proposal for the folks organizing the  auction (PILA) with an overview of what I was offering (full wedding coverage).

A few weeks went by and I hadn’t heard anything from my friend at GSU or PILA,  so I figured that no one bothered to bid on my offering. Then, in March of last year I received an email from a young lady stating that she was the winning bidder on the  wedding package! She explained that she was not the bride, but rather it was a gift for her brother (Chris), and his fiance (Christina).  My first thought was, WOW! What a great wedding present. So after a few emails back and forth I decided to fly down to Atlanta to meet the lucky couple. I think it was September of last year when I visited Christina and Chris. Needless to say we hit it off over a delightful lunch where they filled me in on the details of their wedding day. I left Atlanta the next day knowing that this would be one of the most unique weddings I would have an opportunity to cover.

Christina and Chris’ wedding was held in the mountains of Georgia, Blairsville Georgia to be exact. If you’re familiar with that part of Georgia you already know about the breathtaking scenery! It was the peak of the fall season so the weather was almost perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop to document this couple’s wedding day!

I look forward to using my gift for a few good causes in 2012 and I’m honored to have been a part of Christina and Chris’ special day.

Wedding Venue: Plantation Events

Here are a few (quite a few) of my favorite images from this special wedding.

E.I.C - 2012 & Still Strong. Your eye is developing into an invaluable asset. I appreciate your time on this one.

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    Modi Kuti - Flavorful!!!

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    Joy - This is fantastic Kirth!!! Great job!!!

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    judah - Just two comments? This is fabulous Kirth!

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